In Honor of our 50th Anniversary ~ Leave Your Mark on Butler Montessori's Campus

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Memory Markers

Limited 'Plaque' Spots available through May 20


Do you have a great memory of your time at Butler Montessori?

Would you like to remember someone who impacted your life or the life of your child(ren)?

Do you want to honor a teacher or relative?


Then you’ll enjoy our Memory Markers Project!

Secure Your Memory Marker Spot Today!

I invite parents, students, grandparents, alumni, and friends to create a lasting tribute on Butler Montessori’s pastoral campus.

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When you purchase a spot on one of our Memory Markers, you’ll be able to include the name (or names) of someone you’re honoring and a few sentences about them or a fond memory of Butler.

These beautiful markers will be featured in beloved locations around the Butler Montessori campus.  

1)The Meadows  2)Creek Crossing  3)Farm & Pond

The Memory Markers will be positioned in areas where students, teachers, and campus visitors will be able to enjoy them. Funds raised for our Memory Marker program will support the school’s campus and programs.

Sincerely, Brian Couts, Current Parent, and Board Member

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About Memory Markers


Whom or what would you like to honor, remember or celebrate?

For a limited time, Butler is offering YOU the opportunity to make your mark on our campus.

Each Memory Marker Entry Includes:

  • 6 lines of text
  • 30 characters per line, customizable (include name/no name, date/no date)

Three Beloved Butler Locations to Select From Only 18 'plaques' per Marker

  1. The Meadows
  2. Creek Crossing
  3. Farm & Pond


  • $200 per 'plaque'


  • The Memory Marker Project will close on May 20, 2022 (or before, if spots sell out).
  • Memory Markers will be installed by Graduation on June 10, 2022.

We expect these markers to sell out fast.

Secure Your Memory Marker Spot Today!

Memory Marker Locations


1) The Meadows

The Meadows are an integral part of life at Butler Montessori. Students traverse the meadow paths to get to the soccer fields, forts, climbing walls, campfire pits, and hiking trails. The meadows provide a haven for pollinators and create unique learning opportunities for students studying the plants, insects, and animals that thrive there. Students love picking wildflowers and blowing milkweed pods into the air.

What memory do you have of The Meadows or the areas the meadow paths lead to? Perhaps you remember gathering around the campfires at Thanksgiving or hearing your child excitedly talk about the soccer games at recess? Or maybe you remember exploring the nature trails as a family or listening to your child share an interesting lesson that happened in the pollinator gardens?  

Nestled among the wildflowers and pollinator garden, The Meadows Memory Marker provides a tranquil space for you to honor, remember, or celebrate someone, share a memory, or express gratitude.

Secure Your Memory Marker Spot Today!

2) The Creek Crossing

The creek is a foundational piece of every student’s childhood at Butler Montessori. Outside every classroom, boot racks stand as a testament to the time spent “creeking.” From crayfish catching to clay pinch-pot making, the creek provides endless fascination and education for students. Lessons take place on the creek banks and recess often includes games played at (or in!) the creek.

What is your favorite Creek Crossing memory? Do you remember the muddy clothes of a day well-spent at Butler? Have you enjoyed hikes into nature along the creek path? Do you still treasure your child’s clay pinch-pots? Or perhaps you remember a Guide who enjoyed taking the children for hikes across the bridge?

Situated near the steps to the creek with the babble of the creek and children’s laughter in the background, the Creek Crossing Memory Marker provides a vibrant space for you to honor, remember, or celebrate someone, share a memory, or express gratitude.

Secure Your Memory Marker Spot Today!

3) Farm & Pond

The Intermediate Farm area and the adjacent pond have delighted children of all ages for most of Butler's 50 years. From visiting chickens to fishing and canoeing, this area has provided students and campers with important life and wilderness skills and a chance to learn and play in nature.

A connection to the earth and a respect for nature are foundational pieces to lessons and activities that take place at the farm and pond. Intermediate students learn about business, responsibility, leadership, and the environment while managing the farm. The pond acts as an outdoor classroom, Elementary children use it to study tadpole development, test the water, and study plants and animals. 

What memories do you have of the farm and pond? Did your child participate in the Intermediate’s Micro-Economy program? Do you have fond memories of the Farm Markets and fresh produce? Does your child remember visiting the chickens or taking a hike down to the pond? Did your child enjoy fishing and canoeing on the pond?

Located near the chicken coops, farm, and path to the pond, the Farm & Pond Memory Marker provides a connected space for you to honor, remember, or celebrate someone, share a memory, or express gratitude.

Secure Your Memory Marker Spot Today!

Whom or what will you honor, remember or celebrate?

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Secure Your Memory Marker Spot Today!