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Performing Arts

Exposure and appreciation for the Performing Arts begins in the Primary and continues through his or her years of Montessori education.

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An education in the performing arts is an important means to stimulate and encourage creativity and self-expression. It can challenge students’ perceptions about their world and themselves, as well as help them with problem-solving. Through dramatic exploration, students are given the opportunity to channel their emotions, thoughts and ideas.


Performing arts allow students to communicate with and understand others in new ways. Any form of theater, from drama to musical theater, allows students to be more self-confident and more persuasive in their oral communications.


Experimenting with performing arts and theater helps students to put themselves in others’ shoes and fosters a better understanding of realities different from their own. Performing arts is also a great means to improve cooperation and teamwork.

Performing arts key concepts:

  • Join with and respond to others in group drama activities
  • Cooperate in teams to solve problems. Place self into another’s position
  • Use role-play to place self in different contexts
  • Recognize the role of theater, film, television and other media in daily life
  • Create/write scripts, and perform improvisation/act/role-play
  • Direct classroom theater
  • Use role-play to place self into the context of other subjects
  • Create theater based on themes from other subjects

"You think that all of this music and dancing is just about playing and having fun...but then you discover that it is also about learning to work with a group, and it is hard, and it can be daunting, but rewarding too. Fast forward a few years and you find yourself in NY City, standing in front of the large monitors, giving a speech (that you wrote) to a huge group of strangers, and it's easy, and empowering."

Intermediate Student
Jordan S.

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