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At Butler Montessori we believe "it takes a village" to nurture and guide our amazing students. This page includes resources and information for our current parents.

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"As a member of the Butler Community for over 21 years, I have witnessed the school’s progressive growth and as a parent of two alumni I have witnessed the lasting benefits of a Butler education. Butler encouraged my children to be independent and think for themselves, try new experiences, enjoy working hard, celebrate their accomplishments, and learn and grow from their mistakes – all in a safe, nurturing environment that was their second home."

~ Deborah Sholtes



Why choose a Montessori Education for your children?

This video focuses on why parents in our area chose Butler Montessori for their children. See how a Montessori education differs from a traditional education and what that can mean for your child.

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Why we keep coming back! 

Lindsay Maines talks about having three children that have gone from Primary through 8th grade at Butler Montessori. Her youngest (4th) is currently in the Primary.

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Why I LOVE Butler

A current parent talks about how knowing her children are immersed in nature made this the right decision for her.

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