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Summer Learning at Butler Montessori

"We couldn't be happier with the quality of education our child receives from Butler each day. Her Guide and assistant are so wonderful!" - Current Parent, 2021 

Summer Primary & YCC

Many of our youngest children are bewildered about school ending in June and parents have expressed a desire for children to continue their Montessori lessons throughout the year. Young Primary children enjoy and need consistency. The children benefit from the familiar routines and the environments of the Montessori classrooms during the summer months.

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Summer Elementary

Butler Montessori is excited to offer an Elementary summer semester to provide a continuity of experiences which support the reasoning mind, developing social awareness, and passion for exploration inside every Elementary student. Our campus and classroom together become the perfect prepared environment to best meet the characteristics of the Elementary child when led by a trained Elementary Guide.

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Summer Intermediate

The Intermediate Summer Program offers rising 7th, 8th, and 9th-year students the opportunity to learn the routines of the Intermediate Program, develop leadership skills, and contribute to the student-run microeconomy through their work on the Intermediate Farm. During each student's required 2-week rotation, they create strong bonds with their classmates that last throughout the year through team-building activities, art projects, water games, and more.

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In addition to our Summer Montessori programs, we have a very popular classic outdoor summer camp and a year-round equestrian program.

Butler Camp
Butler Equestrian
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"The Summer Elementary program is a great option to continue lessons and retain learning concepts for the child, all while blending it with a lot of great "going out" and summer fun experiences (e.g., pool time, hikes, etc.). It has helped keep our child engaged and thirsty to learn throughout the Summer months."

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