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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together this list of frequently asked questions and links to where you will find more information.

Butler Montessori begins as young as 24 months, in our Young Children's Community and continues through 8th Grade, (we have applied to add 9th grade in 2021) in what has been referred to as our "Crown Jewel"! See our Programs Page for specific information about what is available for your child!

Maria Montessori believed that it was important to provide children with the opportunity to learn in a diverse community. That's why it is important to us to keep our tuition affordable. There are opportunities to apply for financial aid for those that may need assistance. See our Admissions Page, Schedule a tour or contact our Director of Admissions for more details. [email protected]

That's a big question that we would LOVE to answer! Maria Montessori was a scientist and she studied human development. She discovered that all children learn and grow at their own pace. This is why all of the classes are mixed ages and children progress when they show they are ready and not on a calendar chosen date. They spend a lot of time outside, on the floor, working individually and in small groups. Look through our programs to see the myriad of ways a Montessori education is different.


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