Child-Centered Montessori Education for Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School Students, ages 6 weeks – 15 yrs


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"The absorption of the environment is an intellectual activity. It is a psychic necessity that the child explores the environment; it satisfies his spirit. After he has had the satisfaction of observing one thing that interests him, he goes on until he is attracted by something else. In this way the child can walk for miles."

~ Dr. Maria Montessori, London Lectures, 1946

Nido Ages 6 weeks – 18 months

While we know that the best place for the infant is the home environment, many parents in today’s world have to go out to work, so we want to provide an environment for the young child as close to the home environment as possible. Our AMI-certified Nido teachers are trained to support the social and emotional growth of these very young children.

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Young Children's Community (YCC) Ages 1.5–3 Years

The Young Children’s Community (YCC) at Butler Montessori is a “home away from home,” a cozy and safe place for your increasingly curious toddler to experience the world outside his or her home. Our AMI-certified YCC teachers are trained to support the social and emotional growth of these young children.

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Primary Ages 3–6 Years

Although lessons feel like fun, our students are actually creating the foundation for handwriting, mathematics, science, and more. A Montessori education allows preschool and kindergarten students to develop a passion for learning and to move at their own pace.

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Elementary Ages 6–12 Years

From hiking to poetry, our students love learning because each day is different. They have the ability to choose "work" that interests them and explore our indoor and outdoor environments. Students learn at their own pace while developing concentration, focus, independence, and leadership skills. 

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Intermediate Ages 12–15 Years

Adolescence is the period when your child transitions from childhood to a young adult. Our Adolescent program offers a safe space to learn and grow during the adolescent years. It's where school doesn't feel like school and every day is different. The lessons learned here build the foundation for life beyond school.

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Music & Performing Arts

Starting at 2 years of age and continuing through Middle School, our robust music and performing arts programs help our students holistically learn and grow. From percussion drumming to vocal lessons, every student has the opportunity to work with highly-trained specialists during their time at Butler. 

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Whether decorating a math paper of addition problems, identifying different styles of art, or creating the backdrop for a school play, art is a constant in the work and experience of the students at Butler Montessori.

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Preparing food in Spanish? It's hands-on Spanish opportunities like these that help students learn to speak and understand the language. Starting in the Elementary program, every child participates in creative activities that spark an interest in the language and culture. 

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Physical Education

The Physical Education (PE) program at Butler Montessori emphasizes teamwork, good sportsmanship, and the spirit of the game, rather than competition. It's more than just games, it's giving students the opportunity for movement throughout the day while exploring nature on our 22-acres.

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Extended Day 

This fun before-and-after-school program is available for Preschool through Elementary aged students and provides children with a warm, nurturing environment and engaging activities.

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Summer Montessori Programs

There are many benefits to continuing school through the summer months. Children thrive in our summer program because it offers consistency, continuity of Montessori education, familiarity with the staff and environment, and continued growth without the constraints of a calendar!

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