2019–2020 Annual Report

Graduation 2020

The Intermediate class prepared eloquent, meaningful speeches recognizing the impact Butler Montessori has had on their lives. The students prepared and sang a song together, this year the song “Memories” by Maroon 5. High school graduates Abby Daly, Nick Karakunnel, and Tim Park reminisced about their Butler experience and gave advice to the graduates to cherish the lessons they have learned here. We heard Pomp and Circumstance, and saw the students wearing their beautiful graduation attire.

However, unlike past graduations, all of these speeches, songs, and snapshots occurred over Zoom. Members of the Butler community watched this ceremony from their own houses and communicated with one another via the chat box. I joked with the Intermediates that this could probably be the only graduation they could attend in their pajamas! But despite not being together in person, this graduation ceremony proved to be emotional and special, something unique that this class will surely remember for years to come.

I have a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for this class of Intermediates. They have been so flexible, so patient, and so willing to try new things. They make the most out of every situation they are in, never failing to find something positive and fun. It has been a privilege for me, and for the rest of the Intermediate team, to guide them through this unique time in their life. And as much as we have taught them, they have taught us just as much: about friendship, about laughter, about growth, and about resilience even in the most challenging of times.

Watch Full Ceremony on YouTube

Although working over zoom made singing and harmonizing together impossible, through the miracles of technology the students were able to take part in a cohesive musical performance! Each graduating student recorded their rendition of the song—indeed bringing up many meaningful memories—which I later merged together into one vocal ensemble. ~ Ms. Cinzia Maddalena-Mattiace, Director of Music & Performing Arts

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