Professional Development

2019–2020 Annual Report

What makes our faculty and staff special…

Did you know that all our lead teachers are Association Montessori International (AMI) trained? This means they are uniquely qualified to support the academic, emotional and social needs of the children in a specific development level (ex: ages 3-6). This intensive training differs from traditional school environments where teachers float between age groups and don’t have specialized training in one developmental level. 

Your investment in our Annual Giving Campaign ensures that we continue to attract and retain high-quality AMI faculty and help them bring new ideas to the classroom with professional development opportunities.

Montessori Adolescent Practitioners Symposium (MAPS)

Emma Rodwin, Intermediate Guide

In October, I had the opportunity not only to attend the Montessori Adolescent Practitioners Symposium (MAPS), but also to be a presenter at the conference this year. My lecture was entitled, “‘Uplifting of the Inner Life of Humanity’: Topics and Values in Humanities Projects”. In this talk, I gave case study examples of Humanities topics I have covered in the Intermediate Program, including the Classical World, American Government and Civics, and the Civil Rights Movement. I shared lessons I’ve learned from designing and implementing each of these units of study multiple times. This was my first time presenting at a Montessori conference, so I was excited to share my knowledge from my years of working in the Intermediate Program. Intermediate Guide, Lisa Daly, and I also attended valuable workshops led by other practitioners, including lectures on using Social Studies to Explore Social Dynamics and Conflict, Mindfulness Techniques in the Teaching of Writing, and Global Programs for Adolescents of the 21st Century. I am excited to return to this conference in a virtual format in 2020!

Professional Development while visiting family in Japan!

Maria Kamezawa, Young Children’s Community (YCC) Assistant

The summer of 2019 I had the opportunity to visit the Yahata-Seibo Ryoushin Montessori School in Japan. I was able to observe in one of their toddler classrooms. I was then invited to sing songs in English and play games with the children in the gym and pool.

In addition to that fun opportunity I also attended 2 different AMI workshops through Loyola University., I attended a workshop called “Supporting Language Development” instructed by Jennifer Shields. One of the main points I learned here was the importance of articulating words when speaking to children. 

The second workshop I attended, “Communication,” was instructed by Grace Lee. In this workshop we reviewed the four ways people communicate with each other, understanding that the most efficient way to communicate is verbal communication. In spoken language 55% of the meaning of the message comes from gestures/facial expressions, 38% from tone of voice and 7% from the actual message. In order to have successful communication you have to be accurate, effective and unambiguous.

In addition I received the certification of “ Básico de Salud y Seguridad”. I took this class online through the Penn State Better Kid Care Program. It covers the Health and Safety protocols required by the office of Child Care and Development.

“Communication works for those who work at it.” ~ John Powell

Zahara Javaheri, Primary Assistant

Conveying a message effectively is an art as well as a skill developed after continuous practice and experience. The most crucial skill for a good communicator is that they are first a good, alert, and patient listener. We should approach our interactions with a positive attitude, keep an open mind and ask questions to help us understand the others perspective.

I am grateful to have attended this workshop on Communication given by AMI at Loyola University and look forward to practicing my new skills with the class.

Congratulations Emma!

Emma Rodwin, Intermediate Guide

In the summer of 2018, I began my Elementary Training at the Montessori Institute of San Diego. Three summers later, I am officially an AMI-Certified Elementary Guide! These summers provided me with a strong grounding in Montessori philosophy, a huge breadth of knowledge covering the Elementary curriculum, and lasting friendships with Montessori guides from all over the world. Through all of the lectures, practice, and examinations, I am so grateful for the opportunity to enrich my Montessori foundation and journey. I am eager to put my new knowledge to use guiding transitioning students from the Elementary to the Intermediate Program!

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