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2019–2020 Annual Report

Welcome to the Butler Montessori 2019–2020 Annual Report!

From September to March, we celebrated many gifts in our community, including trips to Echo Hill for the Upper Elementary and to New York City for Montessori Model United Nations. We enjoyed Fall Festival activities for the whole family, a phenomenal Winter Festival series of performances, and events organized by the Butler Parent Connection. Every day, our students were nurtured, given freedom to explore their environment, and thrived in their daily activities.

After March, the COVID-19 pandemic brought with it both challenges and new gifts to celebrate. Butler Montessori quickly adapted to a rapidly changing world and continued in its mission to provide high quality Montessori education. We all learned how to use Zoom, and enjoyed glimpses into each other’s lives at home. I enjoyed spending time with my girls, Olivia and Sammy, both of whom are Butler alumnae. We cherished our time together as a family, something that is especially meaningful for us before Olivia’s departure to college next year.

This past year, Butler Montessori celebrated the “Year of the Environment,” and Butler students took full advantage of everything their environment had to offer. They took hikes all over the 22-acre campus, were given lessons on everything from the water cycle to pollinators, and learned how to be stewards of our planet. I am so grateful for everything that the Butler environment has given to my girls: a sense of responsibility, leadership, and a deep appreciation for the gifts of nature.

2020–2021 is Butler Montessori’s “Year of Community”. I can’t wait to see what amazing gifts and celebrations this year will bring as we celebrate one another and the lasting relationships that make Butler so special. On behalf of the school and Board, I want to thank you for your past contributions of time, talent and treasure. I look forward to your support of Butler Montessori and engagement with us this year as we Celebrate Community.

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