Music & Performing Arts

2019–2020 Annual Report

“When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars.” ~ Anonymous

Music & Performing Arts

By Cinzia Maddalena-Mattiace, Music & Performing Arts Director

I have always thought that nothing could stop the magic of Music; this idea now more than ever has shown to be true. During these challenging times, seeing how the children were immediately able to adjust to the new normal has been an incredible lesson of courage and resilience for me.

Since the first day of quarantine, I realized how anxious I was to meet with my students every day in a very different capacity. I was  fearful  and worried that the new platform would impact their interest and passion for music in a negative way. But I soon came to realize how eager to learn, interact and engage they were, how very little importance they gave to being apart, and how they kept on working with each other notwithstanding the hurdles that, at times, a virtual platform can bring. They were showing me the exact same joy and enthusiasm I used to see in the regular classroom.

It has been a unique privilege to still be able to work and spend time with my students, even during a pandemic. Remote learning has given me the added opportunity to connect with students’ families and homes, through the virtual platform, which makes me feel even closer to the Butler community.

Before Butler Montessori had to close its doors to in person learning, we were hard at work with the Intermediate and Upper Elementary students, preparing for the Spring Play. The Spring Play is a beautiful long standing Butler tradition that sees both Upper Elementary and Intermediate students come together to prepare one of the most anticipated events of the year. Although the students put in a great deal of passion and determination into rehearsing for the play, they were unfortunately unable to perform. We left behind us all the props, back drop, dances and songs waiting for our return to normalcy, keeping the promise to never stop hoping it will happen soon.

Music flows, surrounding us with its beauty and magic, and with it another year at Butler Montessori has flown by quickly, notwithstanding the impact of this pandemic. This year more than ever I feel humbled and privileged to be part of such an incredible school and amazing community. Through these unprecedented  times the Butler community has risen to the challenge, unfazed and stronger than ever. I am hopeful and excited to start this new musical chapter for the 2020–2021 school year.

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