2019–2020 Annual Report

Despite many obstacles this year, we remain committed to serving our students and community. Our mission is to guide children to be independent, resilient, compassionate, socially aware, global thinkers ready to navigate this changing world. Join us as we celebrate 50 years!

Celebrate Community!

Each year, we strive to highlight and honor the programs and experiences that are unique to our school. This year, as Butler Montessori kicks off its 50th anniversary, we will “Celebrate Community.” In 1970, our school began with the simple thought that there had to be a kinder, more holistic way to educate our children. A small community was born. The foundation was built by mothers who wanted to give their children an education that supported the social, emotional and academic needs of the child. For more than 50 years, we’ve grown our campus and program to better serve families in the surrounding community. At the heart of what we do is a sense of community. A knowing that we’re all connected and that we’re all invested in the wellbeing of these amazing children. Join us during our 50th Anniversary as we Celebrate Community at Butler Montessori!

Welcome to the Butler Montessori 2019–2020 Annual Report!

By Amy Silins, 2019–2020 President, Board of Trustees

This report highlights some of our achievements in the past year as well as reflects on the history and performance of all aspects of the Butler Montessori community.

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