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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (BOT) is a dedicated group of widely talented individuals committed to preserving and improving Butler Montessori and its mission as an AMI Montessori School serving toddlers through young adolescents.

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The Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring that the Head of School has the resources, guidance, and support needed to successfully operate Butler Montessori and the Butler Camp and Equestrian programs.

Passionate about ensuring Butler Montessori’s continued success of providing an outstanding education on its exceptional campus classroom, the Board of Trustees meets regularly and carries its work forward through standing committees: Finance, Development, External Marketing, and Buildings, Grounds and Stewardship. The Head of School, Business Manager, and a staff/teacher representative (non-voting members) round out the Board.

Spring 2021 Board Meeting (pictured clockwise starting bottom left) Laura Manack (Head of School), Scott Chidakel (Business Manager), Lynn Perry Parker (President), Freddy Gratz (Finance), Jerry Beaulieu & Ron Garraffa (Buildings & Grounds), Aubrey Bursch (presenter, not a current board member), Brian Couts (Member at Large), Emma Rodwin (Staff Liaison), Kenna Bradford (Member at Large), Natasha Soderberg (Staff Liaison)

(not pictured) Margo Ball (Marketing & Development), CJ Herbert (Member at Large).

Connection To Butler/Interest In Serving On The Board:
Alumna parent and veteran of Going-outs.  Over the years, I’ve had many opportunities to enjoy the grounds and share the campus with others.  With the Building and grounds team, I hope to optimize these resources to continue those traditions.
Day Job: IT Manager
Education: University of MD, University College MS, Computer Systems Management; The George Washington University, MBA; University of Massachusetts, BA, Economics & Political Science
What I Love About Butler Montessori: “The autonomy and emphasis on learning-to-learn allows students to develop an understanding of responsibility, consequences, and choosing the better option.”

Connection To Butler/Interest In Serving On The Board:
I was an Upper Elementary teacher and then Adolescent teacher at Butler Montessori for fourteen years. I am also a parent of two former Butler Montessori students. Serving on Butler’s Board of Trustees allows me to continue to give back to an institution that is important to me and to so many others as well.
BOT Role, Committee Membership And/Or Expertise:
I currently serve as a Member-at-Large, as well as President-Elect on the Board. The expertise I offer is as a former parent and teacher. My Montessori background allows me to view the issues and challenges at the school through a Montessori lens.
Day Job: Gardening, reading, crossword puzzles, cooking…..I’m retired!
Education: University of Florida, BA Psychology; George Washington University, MS Information Systems; Loyola College, Masters of Education in Montessori Education
What I Love About Butler Montessori: "I love Butler for what it has given me personally - my children’s education, my teaching experience, and a wealth of life-long friends. But I also love Butler for what it has given to the community around us and to the world - well-educated individuals who understand the “big picture”, ready and willing to take on life and its challenges, giving back whenever possible."

Connection To Butler/Interest In Serving On The Board:
I was lucky to have parents in the ‘70s who saw the value in a Montessori education, and doubly lucky to experience it on a pastoral campus in Ashton, MD through 6th grade. That is the age that my son Dylan now moves into the Intermediate program at Butler, having been a student since 2013. My life has involved Montessori for decades. Having experienced it from both a student and parent perspective has cemented the value in my mind. I have also volunteered on the Butler Parent Connection since 2017, serving as co-president last year. Outside of Butler, I have 18 years of experience working in Non-Profit database, web and application development, hosting and services.

Day Job: Chief Technology Officer, General Systems Corporation

Education: Mater Amoris Montessori, Gonzaga College High School, University of Maryland

What I Love About Butler Montessori: The people: the friendly and extremely dedicated staff are great to interact with and I never worry a moment about the care of my son. The place; an ever-evolving campus with hills and woods, creeks and farm life. From the sandbox for the smallest, to the ropes course for the bravest. The approach; I love how deftly Butler intertwines the classic indoor Montessori classroom with their beautiful campus. I love that there are year-round activities, both at the school and camp during the summer, as well as equestrian. The uniqueness; primarily evidenced by the combination of everything I just listed, but also found in those offerings which are simply not replicated anywhere else, like the Intermediate program. I only wish that more children could experience the difference that a Butler education provides.

Connection To Butler/Interest In Serving On The Board: My family has been a Butler family since 2013. My wife and I have a son in the intermediate program currently and he started in the primary program. My wife was also the Equestrian Director from 2013 to 2016. My interest in serving on the board began through my participation in the Buildings, Grounds and  Stewardship committee in 2014 where I recognized how important the connection was between the Montessori mission and the facilities, including the buildings and grounds. From that point forward I wanted to contribute to the Butler community through participation, stewardship, and leadership in support of the Butler faculty and families.

Day Job: I am a Civil Construction Engineer and specialize in large capital program delivery for transportation and transit systems. I have been in leadership roles for the DC Streetcar program in Washington, DC and the Purple Line Light Rail project in Maryland. Currently, I am involved with the Ontario Line Subway program in Toronto, Canada.

Education: I have a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of South Florida and I am a Certified Construction Manager through the Construction Management Association of America accreditation.

What I love about Butler Montessori: The Butler community provides its students with a path to prepare them for life as a participant that contributes through their education which incorporates the environment. I love to witness the potential of each student become reality through the Montessori mission. Each student’s journey encompasses education, community, responsibility, and stewardship of the environment.

Connection To Butler/Interest In Serving On The Board:
Proud Butler alumnus.

BOT Role, Committee Membership And/Or Expertise: Development and Alumni engagement.
Day Job: Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office, Attorney
Education: Butler School, the College of William & Mary B.A., Michigan State College of Law J.D.
What I Love About Butler Montessori: “Butler School taught me to love learning.”

Connection To Butler/Interest In Serving On The Board:
Passionate about education
BOT Role, Committee Membership And/Or Expertise:
Provides legal counsel to Butler Montessori
Day Job: LPP Law, Principal Owner and Attorney
Education: The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, Doctor of Law (J.D.); The George Washington University, B.A., Political Science with an Economics Minor
What I Love About Butler Montessori: “The dedication and authenticity of the school’s teaching staff, leadership, and community to developing lifelong learners.”


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