The Nido Community

Montessori Education for Children Ages 6 weeks –18 Months


The word 'Nido' is derived from the Italian word meaning 'nest' and it conveys the spirit of the infant environment.

babies smiling

While we know that the best place for the infant is the home environment, many parents in today’s world have to go out to work, so we want to provide an environment for the young child as close to the home environment as possible. In this carefully prepared environment, we will serve the child's needs for independence, movement, order, love, and security so that they can flourish.

child crawling

A child in this environment will experience:

  • Comforting and warm relationships between the Guide and child
  • A prepared environment that fosters the child's growing sense of self and independence
  • Freedom of movement uninhibited by playpens or walkers
  • An environment rich in language
adult with children

The Nido environment is enhanced by the tender care and developmental support offered by the AMI trained
Guide. As the child develops, trust will serve to foster risk-taking and learning. The daily routine of feeding, active
time, and nap time for each infant is designed to serve each individual child.

The Nido Community will provide continuity for Butler Montessori students, ensuring a smooth transition from infant to toddler and all the way to adolescence.

Who can participate?
Infants between the ages of 6 weeks and 18 months may enroll in this community. Preference will be given to siblings of students already enrolled at Butler Montessori based on a necessary range of ages in the community. Preference is also given to families committing all their children to a Montessori education through completion of the Intermediate program.

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This is a full-day, (8:15 am toΒ 6 pm) Monday – Friday program from September – June, for $23,900.00

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