Montessori Education for Children Ages 6–12


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Our Elementary students are...

students observing nature at the pond


Exploration is woven into daily life in the Elementary. Our 22-acre campus provides the perfect outdoor classroom for their studies. From building forts in the forest to hiking through creeks and trails, students love the sense of adventure and discovery that is a part of their education. And as they interact with the environment they learn to respect and steward it. That's why every student practices sustainability, supporting our campus and the earth.

Child slicing bananas for snack

Curious Learners

At this age, students start asking questions and exploring ideas such as: How did the world begin? When did humans develop? How does this machine work? This is why the foundation for all courses of study is the “Great Lessons.” These lessons provide the “big picture” of language, mathematics, astronomy, earth science, geography, chemistry, physics, biology, history, anthropology, social studies, music, and art.


Girls practicing with sandpaper letters


During Elementary, children are learning to work in groups and co-exist as a community. Our Montessori classroom is set up to support children by helping them develop conflict resolution skills, compassion, and responsibility. Children learn to use the Peace Table to navigate conflicts. And from Botanist to Environmentalist, every student has a job and a responsibility to their classroom community.



"We love the learning environment at Butler and feel that it is supporting our child's growth in a well-rounded manner."

~ Current Parent, 2021–22 Parent Survey



A Day in the Life of our Montessori Elementary Classroom.

From hiking to poetry, our students love learning because each day is different. They have the ability to choose "work" that interests them and explore our indoor and outdoor environments. Students learn at their own pace while developing concentration, focus, independence, and leadership skills. Learn more in this video.



"Expanded learning outside the four walls of the classroom, provides real-world learning opportunities (class trips, Going-outs) and teaches children to think outside the box."

~ Current Parent, 2021–22 Parent Survey


What's Different about our Lower Elementary Program (ages 6–9)?

Our AMI-certified Elementary teachers are trained to support the social and emotional growth of children ages 6-9.  We spark the love of learning by creating a caring and prepared environment for learning. Children develop independence, gain confidence, practice compassion, and learn at their own pace.

Where school doesn't feel like school

A Montessori education gives students a holistic, experiential learning experience without the stress and burnout. Our students graduate academically prepared and ready for real-world challenges.

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How does the Upper Elementary (ages 9–12) learn about the Watershed?

Our students' trip to Echo Hill each year gives them the opportunity to learn about the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Students then use our ponds and creeks to better understand the connection between our campus and the Bay. Learn more in this video.

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Interested in learning more about our Elementary program? Visit our beautiful 22-acre campus for a personalized tour of our award-winning green school programs, organic student-run farm, and our experiential academic learning environments. 


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