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Butler Montessori: 50 Years & Growing

An exceptional school community for more than 50 years! We're grateful for the support of our alumni, students, families, and Darnestown friends over the 50 years of Butler Montessori's history. 

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Established in 1970, Butler Montessori is the premiere private Montessori school in Darnestown, Maryland!

Thank you for your continued support of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, grandparents, and parents. We're grateful to you for being a part of our journey now and ensuring we continue to impact children’s lives 50 years from now.

Enjoy this short, professional 50th Anniversary video created by Maniglia Media in collaboration with Sandy Wright and the Alden-Wright Foundation. Get your tissues! It's a good one.

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"Because of the people, you want to come back every day. Because of the people, you try to do your hardest, and because of the people, you don't want to leave, even hours after school has ended."

Landon F.

Butler Parent Connection

The Butler Parent Connection (BPC) is an all-volunteer organization (similar to what is commonly called the PTA), that supports school activities and provides opportunities for parents, families, teachers, and staff to connect.

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My curiosity and love of lifelong learning can also be traced to the Montessori classroom. I have more memories of unanswered questions than being given any solid answers. Yet the simple act of being entitled to choose my own activities and explore them to their fullest was the ultimate empowerment of my developing mind.

Paula Huston '72

Pictured here with HOS Laura Manack and Founder Rilla Spellman during 45th Anniversary

To me Butler was a family; a second home. The teachers not only excelled at their craft, but they were willing to extend themselves personally to each and every student. I created friendships that are lifelong. My individuality was molded at Butler. The Montessori structure allowed me to learn and express myself on my own terms. I was not forced to follow a set way of thinking to complete goals.

Nick Boulin (Trent) '93

I think my favorite thing about Butler is that the students play a huge role in their own education. … We grew up in a world where we were encouraged to give thought to our surroundings and take action to see change, along with learning math and grammar and the other more “traditional” things.

 Jillian Obermeier '05

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Interested in learning more about our school? Visit our beautiful 22-acre campus for a personalized tour of our award-winning green school programs, organic student-run farm, and our experiential academic learning environments.


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