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Montessori Education for ages 3–6


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Our Montessori Preschool students are...

students observing nature at the pond


Imagine a place where children explore on a 22-acre campus adjacent to a state park. Where they learn sustainability and environmental responsibility through visiting pollinator gardens, planting vegetables and flowers, and collecting eggs at the organic farm. Their classroom goes beyond the school's walls, extending into the natural world. 

Child slicing bananas for snack


From plate washing and flower arranging to snack preparation and polishing, our students gain confidence and independence from learning how to execute these Practical Life skills. Not only are students learning independence but these skills are also helping develop the foundations for reading, writing, focused task execution, and more. 

Girls practicing with sandpaper letters

Academically Prepared

Although lessons feel like fun, our students are actually creating the foundation for handwriting, mathematics, science, and more. A Montessori education allows students to develop a passion for learning and to move at their own pace. For example, if they're excited about handwriting the Guide will give them lessons beyond traditional expectations for the student's age.


"It's a great program, with great teachers and staff, and a beautiful environment."

~ Current Parent, 2021–22 Parent Survey


A Preschool and Community that Supports Your Child.

Are you searching for a nurturing community, highly-trained teachers, and a school that feels like a second home? Then join us at Butler Montessori. The secret ingredient to our community is that every faculty and staff member truly wants to be here. They love and know your child and believe in the mission. In this video, one of our teachers shares how this environment is special.

Where school doesn't feel like school

A Montessori education gives students a holistic, experiential learning experience without the stress and burnout. Our students graduate academically prepared and ready for real-world challenges.

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How are we different than the Preschool down the street?

Our AMI-certified Primary teachers are trained to support the social and emotional growth of children ages 3–6. We spark the love of learning by creating a caring and prepared environment for learning. Children develop independence, gain confidence, practice compassion, and learn at their own pace.


"My children love their "work" and often give us lessons at home, emulating their guides. The friendships they have developed and the experiences they have had (visiting the horses and chickens, going on hikes, enjoying the campus, mastering their work) are priceless."

~ Jessica, YCC, Primary, and Elementary Parent


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Interested in learning more about our Preschool program? Visit our beautiful 22-acre campus for a personalized tour of our award-winning green school programs, organic student-run farm, and our experiential academic learning environments. 


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