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Ancient Civilizations and the Second Plane child

Jun 03, 2019

Children in the second plane of development (ages 6-12) are drawn to learning the why of the world. The story of the human being is a story of how people have fulfilled their fundamental human needs, both physical and spiritual. A big part of the Montessori curriculum for history is the...

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Going Out

May 20, 2019

A critical component to the Elementary curriculum, known as Cosmic Education, is Going Out. Students initiate their independent exploration beyond the walls of the classroom whether it is to go to a larger public library, a museum or to interview an expert in the field they are studying....

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Free LIVE Sing-a-Long with Musician Adrienne Smith on July 16 @10am

Join local musician Adrienne Smith for a rock-tastic free LIVE sing-a-long on Thursday, July 16 at 10am.

Your child will love this engaging 20-30 minute music-themed live webinar for young children (ages 2-6).

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