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Prepared for Fall 2020

Butler Montessori Preschool through Middle School students will return in-person 5x/week on September 1! Limited space available but additional classes may open up throughout the year.

Schedule A Tour Reopening Plans COVID Mitigation Protocols

We're fortunate that as a spacious private school with a 22-acre campus, we're able to comply with all health regulations and still offer the Montessori education our students love.

In fact, we implemented and refined our on-campus safety procedures this summer in our camp and preschool programs. 

Our Preschool-Middle School students can safely return to campus in-person 5x/week this Fall.

Thinking about joining our community? Due to high demand, we have very limited spaces available for Fall 2020. Interested families should note that there may be an element of distance learning this year (although it will be much different than what they have received in public school).

Keeping your child safe AND delivering the Montessori education you love!

We're ready for your child! Our staff has instituted all safety and health protocols this summer during our camp and summer learning programs. We've also mapped out our spaces to ensure we can safety accommodate students (and still deliver an amazing Montessori education).


Proven in-person safety protocols and learning environments that work!

From our carpool strategy to our classroom cleaning routines, we've thought of everything! And we've proven they are effective while piloting them in our Camp and Summer Primary programs.


An engaging indoor and outdoor learning environment for your child!

With 22-acres and spacious classrooms, we're ready to serve your child's social, emotional, and academic needs. In addition, all our Montessori teachers are AMI-certified in your child's developmental level. This means they can support the emotional needs of your child, including any anxiety or fear regarding the current situation.

"Given the challenges our world will face, we simply can't afford to bring up a generation of non-compassionate, self-focused, success-driven adults. It starts with simple things, like nurturing generosity, trust and caring, and we believe that Butler Montessori offers the educational basis, community spirit and nurturing environment where our children can grow and develop the life skills that will shape a more holistic and meaningful life experience starting from their early years." "

Andreea and Daniel
Primary Parents

Distance Learning Plan (if needed)

Although we plan to come back on campus in the fall, if a stay-at-home or mandated order is issued we will launch our Learning from Home program. This is a much more personalized program than offered in public schools. Classes are held in small groups and children are engaged in individual lessons. This program is also available to any families wishing to not return in-person but would like to continue the Montessori education.

Virtual Classrooms

Our amazing teachers embraced "Learning from Home" in Spring 2020 by creating video lessons, hosting engaging Zoom gatherings, and working with individuals and small groups to help children move forward in their studies. They continued to offer personalized support to students and families during throughout distance learning.  

Sample Lessons

Food Tasting with Mrs. Fain

Young Children's Community Guide, Carissa Fain, demonstrates how you can explore different foods with your children. Although this is geared towards our youngest community members it can be used for older children as well with a little adjusting of course!

How To: Phonetic Words, Phonogram Words

Primary Guide, Kelly Beall shares instructions with parents for how to use the phonetic and phonogram cards with their children so they can continue to practice these at home.

Cursive Letters Art Project

Lower Elementary Guide, Rainey Blomgren, gives a lesson that combines practicing capital cursive letters with an art project. This makes the practice more fun as well as more likely to leave an impression on the brain!

Parent Education & Support

We understand that Learning from Home can be a challenging time for parents. That's why we provided weekly opportunities for parents to meet with administrative and teachers to get distance learning support.


Looking for an exceptional learning experience for your child?

We're here to help! However, due to high demand, we encourage interested families to schedule a tour and start the application process ASAP.


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