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Intermediate Program

Montessori Education for Adolescents Ages 12-15

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Our Intermediate students are...


From planting seeds on their organic farm to building composting stations, our students are environmental leaders, educated in sustainable practices and ready to change the world. 


Conflict resolution and peace studies give students the tools to grow into  responsible, compassionate, and diplomatic young adults with a love of their community.

Global Citizens

To confidently speak at the MMUN, travel to Costa Rica and New York for peace and immigration studies, and converse fluently in Spanish during lunch...that's daily life in the Intermediate.

Independent Thinkers

In a world of peer pressure, we've created a safe place for young adults to grow strong and flourish. Students develop a strong sense of self and the ability to think and act independently. 

"I truly believe my time at Butler has made me a better person, and also[...]want to be a better person, and that is something that is truly irreplaceable! "

Graduate, '19

What do our students love about the Intermediate program?

It's more than school, it's a community and a home. It's a safe space to learn and grow during the adolescent years. It's where school doesn't feel like school and every day is different. The lessons learned here build the foundation for life beyond school.


Academically Prepared and Ready for Real-World Challenges

A Montessori education gives students a holistic, experiential learning experience without the stress and burnout.

From Writer's Workshops to debate, our students learn every subject in a way that resonates with them, where school doesn't seem like "school" and classes and projects take place inside the classroom, outside in nature, or in the external community. The end result is a well-rounded, holistic education that allows adolescents to pursue their passions and build a strong foundation for future academic studies.

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Not Your "Average" Middle School or Private School

Never a boring day on our student-run organic farm! Our students learn how to create, market, and sell products through our robust Micro-Economy program


Frequently Asked Questions

The Intermediate Program is specially designed to meet the developmental needs and characteristics of the adolescent. Between the ages of 12-15, there are significant physical, emotional, and psychological changes as students enter adolescence. No longer children, these young adults ask questions such as: Who am I? How can I contribute to society? What are my strengths and weaknesses? The Intermediate Program is therefore constructed as a unique space for students to discover their identities and their passions during this transitional time in their lives

The Intermediate Program is a community and every student within that community is both valued by others and learns the value that they contribute to the group. This is a concept unique to Montessori education known as “valorization”. When adolescents feel a sense of ownership and responsibility for their work, their friendships, and their actions, they understand what it means to be a contributing member of society. Montessori education is designed as an “aid to life,” and the Intermediate Program gives students all of the tools they need to succeed along their journey to adulthood. Our students have strong academic passions, important practical life skills, lasting relationships with others, a true appreciation for nature, a deep love for their school, and a secure sense of their personal identity. 

Yes! Students in the Intermediate program are prepared not just for academic success in their future education, but also for life.

Through their core academic classes in Math, Spanish, Writer’s Workshop, Humanities, and Science, students learn to think critically, express themselves clearly and confidently, and to develop strong interests in a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum.

Our students are also well prepared to advocate for themselves, seek help when needed, and to work with an intrinsic motivation to learn, rather than an extrinsic emphasis on grades and prizes.

These values prepare our students not simply to be successful at the high school and college level, but also to find their passions and instill in them a work ethic that will support all of their future endeavors as adults in the working world.

Through unique experiences such as managing a student-run organic farm, designing real-world travel itineraries, speaking at conferences with global participants, and much more, the Intermediate program supports foundational skills for students to be academically and personally successful, such as problem-solving, decision-making, independence, cooperation, and self-discipline.

After graduating from the Intermediate Program, most students attend local public, private, and/or parochial schools.

Students who have discovered a particular passion in their time at Butler Montessori may opt to apply for specialized magnet programs at various high schools in the area. The Intermediate guides are committed to helping each student find the right next step beyond Butler Montessori.

Examples of high schools our graduates have attended include:

  • Poolesville High School (including Humanities and Global Ecology Magnet Programs)
  • Northwest High School (including Ulysses Program)
  • Clarksburg High School (including Advanced Placement Power Scholars Program)
  • Quince Orchard High School
  • Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
  • Oneness-Family Montessori High School
  • Sandy Spring Friends School

Many of our former students return often to tell us about their lives and experiences in high school, college, and beyond.

Butler Montessori graduates have gone on to attend many selective colleges and universities, including the University of Maryland, Northwestern University, the University of Pittsburgh, Savannah College of Art and Design, the University of Tennessee, and more.

No matter where they go or what they do, Butler Montessori graduates are well equipped to find their own path and make choices that are right for them.

Yes! Students graduate from Butler Montessori with the skills they need to thrive in any environment. The Intermediate Program is designed to help ease the transition for many students who have been in Montessori schools throughout their lives. During their time in the Intermediate Program, students become accustomed to a more defined weekly schedule, being responsible for homework and deadlines, and managing their personal organizational system. Having the opportunity to practice these vital skills sets students up for success when transitioning to their next educational environment.

Furthermore, students in the Intermediate Program have a sense of self and personal identity that sets them apart from their same-age peers. They are able to advocate for themselves, are respectful and responsible, can hold meaningful conversations with adults, and feel comfortable asking for help.

One of the biggest compliments we get is that high school teachers always know a Butler Montessori graduate, as their work ethic, creativity, independence, and comfort in their own skin sets them apart.

Students who attend the Intermediate program with a background in the Butler Montessori Elementary program are well prepared to transition to the expectations of the adolescent environment.

Butler Montessori students have a strong foundation in their academic, social, and emotional growth.

These students have spent time modeling practices of grace and courtesy, following their intellectual interests, and learning to balance personal freedom with responsibility for themselves and others.

During a child’s 6th grade year, Intermediate guides will begin to work with them in some lessons, helping them to acclimate to the expectations of the Intermediate program and to become accustomed to different teaching styles.

Furthermore, rising 7th years are expected to attend the Intermediate Summer program, an experience designed to help transitioning students learn the routines of the farm, become more comfortable in the adolescent environment, and to create strong community bonds with their peers and older students.


See our Intermediate program in action!

Interested in learning more about our Intermediate program for adolescents? Visit our beautiful 22-acre campus for a personalized tour of our award-winning green school programs, organic student-run farm, and our experiential academic learning environments.


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